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Instead of agonising over my swap tea towels any further… I decided to start!

This may be the only one I do before I have to start packing for our holiday… but at least I now know my stencilling idea will work so I can relax about it.

A few things I’ve learnt from this one:

1) leave more room at the bottom … I don’t want to truncate the solid semi-circles. As a result the hems on this towel will be thinner than I would like.

2) remember offset the ‘repeat’.  The solid shapes aren’t meant to line up in a row like that but I think it looks pretty good anyway. 

3) be careful when lifting the stencil otherwise the ink will smudge.  It happened in a few places and isn’t disasterous… but I can do better.

4) my intensive drawing project has already been useful since this design comes straight from one of the pages I did a few days ago 🙂

5) I need to find some thread that matches this fabric so I can hem them by machine.  I have linen embroidery thread which is an ok match, but I don’t want to hem by hand.  I’ve just finished hemming some teatowels for my sister by hand and they take me a couple of day each.  Eeeek!  No, I must find that thread!

6) I love this fabric!

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