Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

Show us yer sketches

I’m attracted to the concept of committing to ‘doing something’ everyday for a whole year.  You know, like taking a photo or drawing or painting or something. 

But I couldn’t decide what I’d like to do for a whole entire year AND I know I’d lose interest about two weeks into the project (you’ve got to know yourself sometimes). 

However, I’ve come up with a plan!  A week or two here and there exploring ideas and techniques in an intensive kind of way.

So I’m starting the year with this little gridded notebook.  In that book I’m exploring shape and pattern and I want to fill it by the time we return from our trip (end of January). 

I won’t be blogging while we are away, but I promise to report back when we return!  (we don’t go until the end of the week, so I’ll try and keep you up to date until then).

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