Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

Linen goodness

Yesterday I braved the $AU/Yen exchange rate and made a huge order with Linnet.  I had a good excuse… I’ve signed up for a Linen Tea Towel swap.  Linen saps up water brilliantly, launders beautifully and will only get better with use*

I just realised that I didn’t blog about this linen tea towel that I embroidered last year.  It took me about 2 weeks to finish including hemming by hand. We use it as a hand towel in the kitchen.

I’m not going for anything so time consuming with my swap tea towels. But at the moment I’m tossing up between an embroidered design or turning my hand at stencilling.

So, I’m super excited about this swap because I’ll end up with 5 uniquely crafted tea towels from wonderful crafty people in internet land and I’ll have fun (and hopefully not too much angst) putting together 5 tea towels to send out in the world.

* I’m reading a book called Prehistoric Textiles by Elizabeth Barber.  According to the bit I read last night, linen was known to become more soft and pleasant with use and there’s even a great quote relating to linen from Pliny; ‘ever the better for rough handling’ or ‘semper iniuria melius’ if you are into latin.

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