Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

Little Shoes

Oh look! I made a cute pair of shoes.  You can get the pattern from Shara Lambert’s etsy shop if you’d like to make a pair too.

Even though I made the 9-12 month old size, they turned out too small for Jasper who turned 6 months old last week (JEEPERS!).  He’s got big feet :-). 

In other news:  I think I have an allergy to Mangoes.  Two years in a row of unbearable itchy rashes and this year it was on my lips and eyes as well.  Woe is me!!! I love mangoes.

In more other news: I am sad to say that Jasper is REALLY hungry.  He’s waking for feeds 3 times a night now.  AND the worst thing is that when he was weighed at the clinic last week it turns out that he had not put on any weight for 5 weeks. 

So over the weekend we got serious about solids, 3 times a day, and none of that ‘baby led solids’ palaver.  Nup, we’re shovelling it in and he doesn’t seem to mind.

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