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About 7 or 8 years ago I was given a ziploc bag with a few scraps of fabric and directions for making a paper pieced patchwork pincushion.  I had been dabbling in pottery for a few years before that, but after this little pincushion I ditched the clay for fabric and that was that.

I lived and breathed quilts and would stop at any quilt shop where ever I travelled and I collected reddish fatquarters with the idea of making a beautiful bed quilt. 

But I soon discovered that I could dye my own fabrics and I didn’t bother going to quilt shops anymore and never bought the light brown/neutral fabrics I wanted to use with the reds.

However, lately I’ve been browsing around some online fabric shops.  When I happened across a bunch of fat quarters in ‘neutral’ at the Fat Quarter Shop, I immediately thought of the quilt I’d planned so many years ago.

So now I’ve got all the fabrics here ready to go and I’m keen to spend the best part of November immersed in this quilt.  BUT before I get zooming with the rotary cutter I’ve got a few projects I want to finish:

– The second pair of pants for Jasper – modified to FIT this time.

– Sew up Chris’ Christmas stocking and work on the yellow and linen embroidery which I’ll use of Jasper’s stocking.

-Make Jasper a linen jacket… I’ve even made a muslin.  I must be learning from my mistakes 🙂

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