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Random thoughts about motherhood:

– it’s fabulous to see Jasper develop and grow everyday.

– looking after Jasper has turned out to be a lot nicer experience than I anticipated.  I had thought it would be all work and no fun.

– I’m a task oriented person, I like working on something until it is finished.  I now get inturrupted alot and I get really frustrated about it.

– I like doing laundry.

– I can’t work out how other mums manage to cook dinner – I think that if I tried to produce a meal every night it would tip me over into crazyland. Chris has always cooked and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

– I need to find a way to excercise.  It’s 40deg outside EVERYDAY and taking a walk is no longer an option.  I’m thinking about aerobics video tapes.

– Have I thrown away my career?  I had a dream last night that many of my old VicRoads workmates were here on holiday and it was so nice to see everyone again. And for some reason I’m crying as I type this.

– I don’t read to Jasper enough

– We’ve been giving Jasper food to taste over the last week like grapes, banana, watermelon and mango and he just screws up his face and looks at us like we’re crazy people.  I tried to feed him some rice cereal yesterday and got the same response.

– I was going to wait to feed him solids until he’s 6mth old but he’s started waking for feeds during the night again and I think perhaps it’s because he’s ready for solids.  Last night he woke at 11:30pm, 3am and 6am and I’m grumpy about it.

– I’ve got overdue library books to return.

– Ok, that’s enough randomness for today. 

I’m on a mission this week to make christmas stockings for all three of us.  Mine uses a piece of embroidery that I had done with no purpose in mind, Yay!!!

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