Daily Archives: October 25, 2009


I felt an earthquake last night!  The bed rocked backwards and forwards and our wardrobe doors rattled in sync. It was 7 on the richter scale, but it originated a long way away, so I suppose we got the soft tail of it. 

Chris was up trying to settle Jasper and didn’t notice anything.  I’ve heard that dogs get premonitions of these things… maybe babies do too? Maybe that’s why Jasper woke up and squawked the place down just before I felt the quake.

Years ago, when we lived in Gippsland, we experienced an earth tremor that we didn’tfeel.  However, a bag of books fell off a shelf which we thought was a bit odd at the time. Then we worked it out the next morning when we saw the news.

I had all sorts of ideas for things I could make today. But I’m having difficultly settling on anything.  I cut some shapes out of a magazine with the idea of doing a collage.  But it didn’t work out.  So I took some photos of the piles of cutout bits then chucked the lot in the bin.

We might go to the pool later.

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