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Baby Sewing

Onwards and upwards.  To get over the dissapointment of cutting too much off the hem of my skirt I moved onto a new sewing project with lightning speed.

I am happy to report that the first project from the Japanese pattern book has been a success.  The diagrams are very clear and I didn’t have any problems with this simple little pair of pants.

The fabric is a grey/brown ‘ripstop’ weave cotton from Spotlight.  With the natural grid on the fabric I couldn’t resist adding some cross stitched knee patches.

I’ve been studying the diagrams for a little hooded jacked from the same book.  Jasper doesn’t need a jacket in Northern Territory, but we’ll be travelling to Tasmania and Victoria in January and I think a lightweight jacket might be useful and would look super cute 🙂

ETA: We’ll be in Darwin for the next few days, so I’m taking a break from Blogtoberfest until the end of the week.

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