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Against my better judgement I’ve bought a book called Clothes for Kids Who Are Just Able to Walk.

Seduced by the cute pictures of children in beautiful clothes I ignored the obvious fact that this book is in Japanese; a language I do not understand.

I’ve put my faith in being able to decipher the diagrams and nut it out regardless.

Obviously, Jasper isn’t able to walk at his age (5 months)

But I figure I can get a head start on some clothes… and he’s BIG, a fact that was reitterated to me today when I hosted my mums’n’bubs group and we had 9 babies layed out on my lounge room floor.

I also purchased this fabric from Tessuti and I’ve started making a skirt from it straight away. No pattern this time as it is a simple pleated skirt with a waistband.

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