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Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

I like learning how things are done.  It might be the engineer in me, I don’t know.  Anyway, I’d love to learn how to weave but I can’t add a loom to my already overstuffed workshop (aka spare bedroom)

A few months ago I was reading back through the archives at AT-SWIM-TWO-BIRDS and saw that you can make a loom out of cardboard and weave up some pretty scrumptious stuff too.

So I immediately got some cardboard and tried it out.  My results weren’t as impressive as Renilde’s but it was fun to do.  I used this ‘How To‘ to get me started.


I used embroidery cotton and linen for the top one.  It took ages to finish and I ruined it by attempting to machine finish the edges which didn’t work at all.

The second one went faster using my hand spun wool.  I’ve got plenty of wool that I’m not knitting with.  Maybe I could make a massive cardboard loom and weave up some placemats or something Hmmmmm.

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