Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

Random thoughts about household linens

Squares and rectangles of terry towelling, muslin, cotton knit, seersucker, flannelette and waffleweave. I get a lot of pleasure using, washing and folding baby items.  (we use disposable nappies which is why I’m probably still cheerful about laundry)

My second favourite smell is ‘fresh off the line sheets’ (first favourite smell is when rains for the first time in a while).  The clothesline is idle today, I wagged from washing… but see our banana trees behind… we’ve got another big bunch of bananas on the way!!

In the last few weeks I’ve been busy converting various stashed bits of fabric into functional household stuff.  I made this little hand towel from very light weight waffle weave cotton left over from my baby blanket making frenzy.


And just this morning I finished hemming a table cloth which I’ve had stashed for many years.  I’m dreaming up some simple embroidery to pretty her up.


The sample embroidery has already been rejected. I think my sketches might be leading me down the right track.

And finally, I’m thinking about getting some linen sheets.  I think linen may be a good solution for our sweaty tropical nights (even with air-con). Linen fibre has a hollow core which helps it absorb moisture and also it is a smooth fibre so dirt doesn’t stick…. I bought some linen tea towels to test this theory out.  So far, so good.

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