Daily Archives: September 12, 2009



I needed a moment there to catch my breath.  Infection, pain, a cold and just plain tiredness hit me at once.


Thankfully, Chris’ mum and dad have been here this week and I’ve been given respite and TLC and even a couple of sleep ins 🙂  So I’m feeling a lot better.


Before all that, I did sew up another skirt. I like the pin tucks even if the skirt hangs like a sack.  Maybe it wasn’t the best choice of fabric and maybe I’ll recycle it into a handbag if the mood strikes.


While recovering, I read Womens Work: the first 20,000 years by Elizabeth Wayland Barker.  An entertaining book about the history of textiles used as a tool to understanding the lives of women in ancient europe.  Highly recommended!

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