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I’ve recently enjoyed reading the blog of Renilde de Peuter (that’s a snipit of her embroidery pictured above) http://at-swim-two-birds.blogspot.com/ . She creates little embroideries that take my breath away. like her recent maritime series – who would have thought that container ships could be rendered with such simple beauty.

Also reading the archives of her blog I was inspired to try cardboard loom weaving on the weekend. I’ll prepare a post soon to tell you all about it.

Another link where I spent a huge amount of time over the weekend is The Guardian newspaper’s feature ‘Writer’s rooms’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/writersrooms. Here writers write about their work spaces.

Oh how I love reading about where others work and the habits they keep.

On a similar theme I own a coffee table book called Studio, which I think I promised to send to my sister a year ago, but can’t part with it, sorry Meg. It features Australian painters talking about their working processes and workspaces, it has great photos of each artist within their studio… I’m obviously a peeping tom at heart. http://www.australianstudiobook.com/book/

I have to apologise for the way the links are presented here, my blog has lost some functionality which I’ve asked Chris to fix for me when he has a spare moment 🙂
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