Daily Archives: August 5, 2009

Pins and Needles

Last week I bought a new pin cushion (and brooch) from Karen http://karenruane.blogspot.com/ .

It’s fabulous with it’s silk and it’s bobbles and it’s stitching. It arrived here today… It took only 8 days to get from the UK to my little, remote corner of Australia.

I like the way my colourful pin heads bob about on this one 🙂

I’ve decided not to abandon my old pincushion which I made from scraps many years ago. I’ll have two, a lounge room pincushion and a workroom pincushion!

I’ve been working on a new skirt. Black stretch denim with a large area of hand embroidery embellishment. This is the idea I had when I started making clothes…. keep the garments simple but be playful with stitching, applique, printing etc.

It’s taken me until skirt number 4 to get going with my evil plan. I’ve just gotta keep telling myself “Hey Claire, it’s only fabric silly!”

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