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Adventures in Pattern Making

I’ve made up two skirts now and I’m pretty happy with the pattern I drafted, though I’m going to tinker around with the back part as the darts are huge creating a bit more room around the bum than I need.

The first skirt is made from a thin 100% cotton print and the second skirt is made out of a linen, cotton and elasine mix. Both purchased from Darwin Spotlight.

I wouldn’t normally chose this grey colour since it looks a bit too corporate for my current lifestyle… but Spotlight wasn’t providing me with much to work with when we were in town last weekend.

I did buy some quilters cotton which I fancy for a skirt. I didn’t notice some white spots/printing faults until I got home 🙁 I’d return it, but it’s just too much hassle. I’ll work around it.

The plain greeny yellow is one of my hand dyed fabrics which I’m thinking of as a trim on the hem.

Once I get this straight skirt pattern sorted out I’m going to modify it to create a pattern for an A-line skirt.

I have some linen and some denim stashed so I can continue the journey. But last night I discovered an online fabric supplier with fabulous dressmaking fabrics http://www.tessuti.com.au/ . I can see my days of making skirts for $10 a pop will be short lived! Continue reading

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