Daily Archives: July 7, 2009

Little Minutes

I’m trying to quickly post before Jasper wakes from his sleep (Sleep! Yay! he’s just had a 3hr afternoon nap which is a big deal as he hasn’t been too keen to sleep during the day recently).

I had to cut my handmade cards down to fit the envelopes and I’ve been doodling on the offcuts (which are about 3cm wide and it’s 300gsm paper so it takes watercolour without warping). It’s fun to just draw and paint with no real ideas or expectations other than to amuse myself.

This year I’m going to teach myself draft patterns so I can make my own clothes.

My reference book is ‘How to Make Sewing Patterns’ by Donald H McCunn. I’m starting with an A-Line skirt pattern, I think skirts are the easiest to start with. Continue reading

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