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I didn’t get Jasper’s room decorated before he was born, but I did make a mobile to go above his change table (sorry for the terrible photo!!!).

It was so simple to make and Jasper really loves looking at it as the spheres float around in the breeze (or spin wildly if we blow on them like pinwheels).

I just used paper which has a different colour on each side (I bought a pad of it from Big W).

I cut out circles then sewed a line down the middle of the circles which were stacked in groups of three.

I left long thread tails on each seam which I then used to tie it all together. The circles were bent out to create spheres and the strings of spheres were then tied to a stick to create the mobile.

I’m making another one with butterfly shapes and only stacking them in twos. I’m probably going to hang this one over his cot, which he isn’t using yet because at the moment he sleeps in a bassinette in our room.

My original idea was to make paper boats for the mobile, but I realised that he would just get the dud view of the undersides… however I might make some for his windowsill instead 🙂 This $5 pad of paper is going a LONG way!

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