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One of the unintended consequences of breastfeeding Jasper is that my hands are idle for hours a day, so my mind is free to cook up all sorts of plans and ideas for things I can make.

I have all these half formed ideas for projects floating around. I had even started on a few, but WOW it’s hard to stay focussed enough to finish something when you only have a few snatched minutes here and there. My ideas were overtaking each other and I started to feel very confused.

So I wrote all the ideas and projects down in two lists as follows:

Currently Useful:

– Finish making thank-you/birth announcement cards

– Make another mobile for Jasper’s room

– Buy cot sheets on the net

– Hem blankets for the cot (I’ve got the fabric here)

– Make pattern for an A-line skirt – and then make one

– Sketching and doodling in quiet minutes

– Blog!

Future Ideas:

– Finish UFO quilts

– Make new handbag/nappy bag

– Make some stuffed toys

– Paint up some canvases for Jasper’s room

– Bind (coptic) the birth ‘congratulations’ cards together

– Buy a rug for Jasper’s room

This list making helped me see my way through the haze of ideas – though first I had to rearrange my workroom to accommodate the new spare bed.

I’ve already made a huge dent in the thankyou card department and I’ve tinkered around with little sketches. But most of all I now feel really positive because I can see that there’s a way I can make stuff and look after Jasper.

It helps that he is now old enough (8wks) to happily sit in his chair in my workroom for short times during the day.

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