Daily Archives: February 23, 2009


Reuben is going to be ok.  I spoke to the vet this morning and apparently Reuben is very alert and the symptoms of his gastrointestinal infection have disappeared.  He’s going to get some bland food today to test the plumbing out and if all goes well we can pick him up tommorow or the day after.  Whew!

The house seems very empty without him!

I’ve been meaning to take the camera out into our new yard to document the different things that are growing here.  We have a little grove of bannana palms and a few paw paw trees.  Two mature frangipani trees, and an enormous tree with parasite vines which nearly totally dominates the front yard. 

There are some interesting smaller plants too, a few I can name are canna lillies, bird of paradise (lots of these), passionflower, bouganvillia and mother-in-laws tounge. 

I’m sure most are introduced species which shouldn’t be here within Kakadu National Park.  But I see most yards have a similar selection.  I don’t think people are allowed to bring plants into the area now but given the maturity of most of the plantings I suppose there were laxer rules in the past.

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