Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

Good Weekend

This weekend we did some stuff. It might not sound very profound, but we are homebodies at heart and it is easy for us to amuse ourselves at home rather than exploring this beautiful area like we should.

We visited the Yirrkala Arts Centre on Saturday morning. I was concerned that we might need a special permit to visit the township, but I rang the centre and they assured me that it was ok as long as we didn’t drive around the town. So off we went.


Though they took off when they saw us. I was a bit worried as they have been known to kill people. (Chris took the photo)

Once we had settled down with a couple of fishing rods we noticed some stuff happening in the distance and I thought it was a shark!! There was a fin poking out of the water… very exciting. We watched for a minute before we realised that it was acutally a small pod of dolphins YAY!

They were actually driving fish towards us and at one stage they seemed to be less than 20m from the shore. So close I could hear their ‘bite’ as they tried to catch fish!

Chris got some great photos, but I’ll let him post them on our other blog Gone to Gove

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