Daily Archives: February 25, 2008

Around the flats

Oil Recovery

Hi. I’ve been absent. Going through a creative dry spot and not really wanting to blog about it.

I’m coming down with a cold, and had ample excuse to curlup on the
couch and watch many episodes of Antiques Roadshow back to back… but
for some inexplicable reason I took myself, my sore throat and a camera
out to take photos. Just here around the town flats.


Made in Australia (an ancient and weathered water ski)

is amazing how much great stuff you see when you are in the right frame
of mind and when your eyes are tuned in to ‘seeing’. I love that


Keogh’s Bench

week I went to Brisbane for work. It was nice to have a change of
scenery and I can certainly understand the people who have told me that
you need to ‘get out’ every 3 months or so. This is such a small,
isolated town… you can lose your perspective really fast and start
thinking Gove is the centre of the universe and get pissed off about
things that really don’t matter. I wasn’t at that point, but I can see
that it could happen … hell, in my job I see plenty of instances
where it has already happened!!

In Brisbane I caught up with my
old friends Monica and Matt and their baby, Kate. Kate is totally
georgous, just scrumptious. Monica and Matt were great, taking me out
for coffee and shopping at Spotlight…and Mon took me to a great
underwear shop where I stocked up for the coming months. This climate
is hard or undies and there is nothing even vaguely resembling a
lingerie shop in town. Thanks M+M+K.


Spinners and Handweavers of Gove ( I peeked in the window, the building
seems to be very unused, but there looms and/or spinning wheels in

So. What do I know? I know that I desperately need to
go into a phase of ‘observation’. I want to create… I really do, but
I can’t do it out of thin air. I need material. I know this.

had sort of been thinking that since I’m up in the Territory that I
should be focusing on nature etc. But every time I think this, I feel
magnetically drawn to the couch. The idea of going out into the bush,
in the humidity, getting bitten by insects and ants … seems to put a
dampner on my enthusiasm. Hmmmm.

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