Daily Archives: January 19, 2008

Bottles and Placemats

Before we came here I bought 3 little bottles from Mel Robson, a ceramic artist from Brisbane. For me, they are a momento of our transition from South to North.

I took the above photo with my new macro lens. I’m pretty happy with it!

Yesterday I made some felt placemats. A couple of years ago I bought some pre-felt batts from Fibre Fusion. These batts make this sort of ‘picture’ felting very easy as you can jump right in to designing and cutting out shapes without having to make prefelts first.

These go rather nicely with our little blue dining chairs and the red doors on the adjacent bookshelf. I knew all those home decorating blogs would rub off on me at some stage!

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New Home

I thought you might be interested in seeing our new home in the town flats in Nhulunbuy, NT. Chris and I are very pleased with the way the flat has come together as we had been pretty worried that we wouldn’t like living here because of the size and age of the accommodation. I like it as much as our old house, except I don’t have my own workroom.

I haven’t been very creative since I got here, I think I needed time to recover from the stress of moving (and it was suprisingly stressful), and get used to to being in a totally different place and a new job etc.

But have done a little bit of felting and embroidery which I will share with you over the coming days.


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