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India Ink and Acrylic Paint Magic


Today (instead of getting ready to move house) I tried out a technique that I read about in Quilting Arts Magazine which described how acrylic paint resists India Ink.

The ink soaks into and sticks to the paper left bare and washes off the painted areas.  I need to work on my process a bit more to prevent the paint from becoming too fragile during the wash off.

The above piece is the first one I made and I have another one drying out in the kitchen.  I’m definitly keen to get into this a bit more… so stay tuned 🙂

It is time I shared some great links I’ve found recently:

Peter Sharp is an artist living in Sydney. I had a ‘connect’ between the Quilting Arts article and a magazine profile of Peter. I love the lines in his work, they have a quality that I’ve been striving for and this technique seemed to fit. Reading back over the article it appears he uses a similar technique but with unprimed canvas with acrylic paint resisting oil paint/glazes.

Aesthetic Outburst is the blog of Abbey in New York. In addition to fab links, Abbey creates wonderful drawings and paintings. I’ll be checking back often.

Inspiration Boards is a new blog by Lori Pickert featuring the inspirations boards, wires and walls of featured artists. Each artist is interviewed about their inspirations and artistic practice.

Elizabeth Duffy is a scupturer (a very wierd word to spell!). Her work is inspiring for me as she makes striking scupture out of the most ordinary materials… like sticky tape and lint, or wax paper and wire mesh. This is reassuring given that I’m just about to move to one of the most isolated towns in Australia.

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