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Summer Quilt Finished

A finished shot of the summer quilt, lounging on our overgrown lawn 🙂

I sewed this binding entirely by machine, knowing that it would probably take me forever to get around to sewing it up by hand.  This was better to be finished than perfectly executed.  I’ve been using it and enjoying it for a week or so now :-) 

Here is a shot of the backing.

I think Riscy likes this side better than the front :-)  you can see the quilting a bit better here, I stitched aorund all the pieces about 5mm from the seam on either side of the seam, and then sewed around some invisible rectangles within some of the larger pieces. 

Anyway, we have been trying to get prepared for the big move.  Last weekend we purchased a little dining table and chairs from Ikea and worked out what we need to buy to make a long and low bench/bookshelf/storage cabinet. We’ll need to pop down to Melbourne again to get them in the next couple of weeks.

We also bought one of those flat LCD TV’s which we can hopefully mount on the wall.  It is rather large, but wil be more space efficient than our old TV.

Lucy spent the night with our friends Wendy and Kim.  A trial run.  There was a reasonable amount of hissing and whining between Mocha (Wendy’s cat) and Lucy, but then Mocha retreated to the bedroom and Lucy found a spot under the couch.  Obviously, we don’t want to make Mocha’s life unbearable by foisting Lucy into his territory, but if they can work something out between themselves then I think Wendy and Kim will take her on.  It is very difficult for me to ask such a big favour of friends.

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