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Summer quilt

On a whim. I sewed up this patchwork quilt top today. A ‘no cut’ quilt. I just ripped the fabric to size and merrily sewed away

I’m now officialy run out of orangey fabrics and really need to put in a dye order soon because I’m out of yellow (I go through yellow way faster than other colours). This quilt also made a slight dint in my pinks/burgandys, that fuchsia dye can be a real bitch sometimes.

This will be a nice couch sized quilt, good for reading under and possibly a decent picnic rug in time.

What else did I do today? Hmmm, Oh thats right. I printed some more fabrics, one of which went straight into the quilt. Here’s another look

I’m planning to quilt this very SIMPLY. I might even dust off the old walking foot.

I came across an interesting artist today Stephanie Levy who is an american living in Germany. She does beautiful little collages. I wish I made quilts that looked like this. Blocks of colour combined with line.

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