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The above image is taken from one of my little journals.. .the drawing is of the elecrical plug for my iron.  Have you noticed that these yellowy greens are a current obsession of mine?  I’m seriously besotted. 

I also worked on a painting on canvas today and I’m rather happy with it, there’s probably a bit more required, but I’m pleased with the direction.  I might buy some more canvases this week as I find it so much fun to work with paint. I’m in love with the colours more than anything else.

I haven’t been on the net much in the past couple of week but I have bookmarked some interesting artists who I would like to share with you.

Kate Blee is a British textile artist, I love the colours she uses. I can’t seem to link to my favourite pieces, but if you go to the link title Wall and then the link Vessel, you’ll see my favourite piece… that bloody green again!

Kirsty Hall has an interesting project going drawing on the back of envelopes, filling them with things, then posting them to herself.  A complex sort of set up, but her envelope drawings are facinating to me.   

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