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Spring Cleaning


We spent this weekend cleaning.  The house is fresh and sparkly from front to back … and I have new cushions in the lounge room.  So it really does feel like we are emerging from winter.  The fact that I’m in a tshirt after 10pm could also be giving me this feeling LOL.

I spent a little bit of time on art, putting hanging things on the little yellow and grey paintings.  I hung them, but they are way off centre and look terrible, so I’m going to have another go.  Tommorow.  I also gessod over a painting I attempted a few weekends ago.  I maybe could have salvaged it, but I’d lost enthusiasm for the idea so decided to scrap it.

The above page in my art journal is pretty slap-dash, but I really love the colours and the scribbles.  Mien from Red Red Day has posted images on her blog of an artists book she made which inspired me to go down this track… though by no means does this scribble and blob come close to the beauty of her work.

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