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Grey Stripe

Remember the little grey painting I showed a few weeks ago?  It is now a grey and yellow painting and is one of three.  I’m definitely going to hang them somewhere.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  Last week was all about felting, I made another hat and spent many nights working hard at making a felted jacket, which ended up more as a felted jumper (sweater).  I haven’t got photos of either, but I’m rather pleased with both … even if the jumper is a bit too short and a bit too wide.

Last weekend we went skiing with our friends Wendy, Kim, Lauren, Anthony and Nathan.  I totally sucked.  What a contrast to just a month ago.  If we could find the camera downloading thingy then I could show you a little video that Riscy took of me skiing like crap (luckily he didn’t film the tantrum(s), me crying, me sitting halfway down a hill, me sliding down the hill on my bum or me throwing in the towel and chosing to carry my skis up a big hill rather than ski anymore). 

Still, we are thinking of abandoning our plans to go to India this summer for possibly skiing in Japan where I might regain my mojo.  Both options are appealing from a textile point of view, so I’m sort of leaning towards Japan.

This week I have been sick. A full blown cold. I’m a sneeze machine.  Hopefully normal creativity will resume shortly.

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