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Felt Mania

I’m right into felt this week 🙂 Last night I made this hat… which was an utter disaster (think scull cap) until I started playing with the creases.

Now don’t go thinking that I’m original or anything, I am lucky enough own a hat by May Hvistendahl of Norway (my hat is the first hat on row 4/last hat on row 3) obviously it did inspire me to try manipulating the shape.

The wool is a ochre yellow fading to black at the rim, overlayed with silk which also fades from Yellow to a dark khaki/green at the bottom. I’m playing hat model here and Riscy took the pics (thanks Riscy!!).

I’m getting more ambitious. Now I want to make a jacket 🙂 Might do it tonight!!

This week I found out that Fulvia Boriani Luciano has a blog. Fulvia creates wonderful art quilts but has also been branching out into wool with some felting, spinning and knitting.

LittlePaperBird is the blog of Sarah from Leeds. Paper, stitching books, lovely photos … it’s all good 🙂

My Art Grows Around Me is the blog of Marjojo (aka Marion Michell) of London. Marjojo is an artist who is currently working on project which involves crocheting tiny little hairy dresses. If you want to see more, check out her webpage it gave me a wider context for her current work.

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