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Inspiration Wire

I’ve been inspired by Mav of Port2port to put up some inspiration wires in my workroom. I’ve put up a combination of my textile stuff, pictures ripped from art magazines, and there is even a little painting by my sister Meg up there (on the top second from the left). I’ve changed a few things since this photo was taken. I don’t know how often I’ll change things around. But I like the idea of clearing it off completely every couple of months and starting again.

This may replace a scrapbook I started a while ago. I never look in there, so it doesn’t really serve as inspiration. Doh! This is a page out of it… I wont show some of the really good ones as I can’t credit the work I’ve stuck in there, though I’ll probably scan a few in, print them out and use them on my wire at some stage.

I’m meant to be cleaning my work room today but I’ve been distracted by making a bag and dreaming about some printing I want to do… once I’ve cleaned up my workroom. A vicious cycle. LOL

I’m getting back into blog reading and internet surfing so I thought I’d start up my little link feature again:

Red Red Day is the blog of Mien. Printmaking, sculptures, painting, drawing. Lots of directions going on here and all of it is interesting 🙂 I love all those different mediums, she seems to have a similar way of working to me, especially the ‘wanting to do everything’ part.

November Moon is the blog of Cathy Cullis. Textiles, printing and soft sculpture. I’m expecially enjoying her stitched collages.


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