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New Quilt

However, a weekend frame of mind sorted me out and within about 30 minutes of sitting down to work on it today, it came together.  I’m going to sit back and do some hand quilting on it now and see what happens from there.  I have a little basket of DMC embroidery cotton which I am raiding for
this project.  I bought them many years ago for cross stitch project which I lost interest in after a few months.

And, in work related news: We had a big deadline at work yesterday and I’m happy that we achieved everything we wanted to do.  Now we move into the next phase which can be very intense as we are managing double the number of projects than normal while we prepare to hand a batch of projects on to the people who manage the next phase, as we take the freshly submitted projects through the approvals phase and with planning for and generating new projects.  My job is fun (except when it isn’t…LOL).  The best bit is driving around the place and nearly everywhere I go in the region now, I can see projects, that I developed, being constructed or finished.  It gives me a thrill every time.

I have one link to share today, and I want to tell you what a thrill it was to find it.  Last year at the Geelong Textile Fibre Forum one of the tutors was Nalda Searles from Western Australia.  I had never heard of Nalda before, but she made a big impression on me.  And of course I couldn’t track down much info on the net.  Then, totally by accident, when rummaging around on Clog, I noticed a comment made by Nalda then followed her link through to her blog … BLOG!! Yay!

Fodder:  The blog of Nalda Searles and Kevin Murray.  Nalda is a textile artist/weaver who works with natural materials.  The talk she gave at GTFF was largely about her works which utilise the bits of dead grass trees.  On the night when the tutors could set up tables to sell their creations, Nalda had a table but she was working on her journal… I wanted to sit down with her and introduce myself and talk with her, but I didn’t.  I wish I did. 

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