Daily Archives: July 25, 2006

What’s Going On here?

I seem to be on an unplanned break in creativity which has resulted in me not posting recently.  I’ve been puzzled about it, worried about it and now I’m working through it 😉

It all comes back to the fact that I desperately need to dye some fabric.  As you know, I can no longer dye in my kitchen and my alternative dye location isn’t attractive to me at the moment as it is too cold.

Given that I am desperate for fabric, I need a solution.  And I think it will be our laundry. It is a small space with lots of left over clutter, dust and tools from our renovations.  I will have to sort it out tonight.  Otherwise I’m going to flip out.

For some reason, knitting or spinning isn’t happening at the moment either.  Perhaps having no big piles of laundry to fold or washing up to be done has cause a big shift in my desire to do stuff or perhaps it is the weather – dunno.

In addition to the creative deficit, I am trying to get my lecture notes together for the teaching stint next week.  There is a lot of work yet to be done and none of it is particularly fun.

Ok that whinge is over.  I can get back to normal now.

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