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Back to our regularly scheduled program

The Dredger was juried into Fabricate. YAY!

Even though I was in two minds about submitting my art for public exhibition, I am pleased that the jury selected my work, and not only because my $35 will not be wasted.

I am interested to see how the quilt will look hanging in a gallery and I am excited that others who have an interest and a passion for contemporary textile art will get to see my art and I’ll get to see other textile art as well.

So, I’m not going to bore you with excessive detail about my holidays (very, very good: see above photo), the sickness (Me:cold, Riscy:gastro, big time!), the renovations (our house resembles a weird half hovel, half bomb site – we have no kitchen), or how annoying it is to be back at work… Instead I will launch straight back into art, which seems more sane than anything else at the moment.

I’m interested in layers. The Dredger was devoid of any layering of imagery. I had all sorts of visions of the quilting providing richness of detail to foil against the harshness and to provide depth. But I could not
achive that, the quilting lines were just too insignificant against the monumental dredger

I am looking for something more, a way of really incorporating layers and detail into my work, AND I have some ideas to work with too… what more could you ask LOL

You may be wondering about The Impeller, a design I showed here a while ago. I am oscillating between making it and hating it so I’ve decided to leave it for a while. I have some smaller projects to keep me occupied while I contemplate LAYERS. For starters I need a new hand bag… and I promised one to a friend over a year ago so perhaps two handbags are in the works.

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