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Pot ‘o’ pencils

Pot 'o' pencils

My pencils live in this Raku fired pot (which I made!)

I received the pencils as a Christmas present from my mother, I think I was 15.

My mother moved away when I was three and my sister was one and she choose not to keep in touch with us. She didn’t reemerge ’til I was about 15. My sister and I let her fade out of our lives again fairly soon after.

People seem to expect that I should have some deep seated issues about this but I don’t. I had a rich, interesting childhood with extended family and community, I just don’t have that hole to fill I guess.

The pencils look quite good in that raku vase, I had them out last night, trying to add a bit of colour to some rather crap monoprints I did on the weekend, watercolour would be better but this relief ink I have is watersoluble:

Monoprint  and Pencil

An experimental monoprint coloured with pencil.

This cold is winning the war tonight, So I’m just about to take some medication and vamoose off to bed.
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