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Are you sick of the dredger quilt yet?

Dredger - The River Diversion

The real quilting has commenced – this is the river diversion section

Morwell River has recently been diverted for the 5th time for the continuing expansion of Hazelwood Coal mine. It partly runs underground through pipes, I can imagine the water flowing and rushing along underground, in the dark. The fish must really wonder what the hell is going on!

Riscy and I didn’t go for a bike ride today, instead we went appliance shopping. I think we are going to blow the budget on the kitchen. We are talking about sacrificing our ski trip to NZ so we can afford a Miele dishwasher… how sad is that!!

Riscy also has an aversion to appliances with the name Smeg so I don’t know what we are going to do there since I really like their gas cook tops.

I have been chugging down the Vitamin C and drinking lots of water in an effort to stave off the dreaded cold. Riscy has been hawking like an old smoker for the last 3 days, I don’t want what he’s having!

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