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Hello There!

Dredger - At the Machine

Taken before I got into the groove.

I’ve used light blue taylors chalk to mark guide lines on my quilt… could be a mistake considering I don’t intend to wash it. I tried the soap sliver technique but it didn’t show up on the light coloured fabric.

I’m almost done outline stitching all the truss shapes. The thread I’m using is a good match so slight wobbles here and there don’t interfere at all with the image. There really was no way around this exercise as there are lots of long skinny bias bits in this quilt and if the glue ever came unstuck I’d have an unsightly mess.

I will lock myself away in my workroom tommorow so I can sew up a storm. This is a long weekend (labour Day) and my old high school friend Lynne and her partner Roger are coming to stay on Sunday night, so I’ll have other things to distract me from the quilt.

Riscy is keen to go for a bike ride tommorow too… so, as I have a revived interest in improving my fitness and figure, I will make the time for a ride (even if there is a big hill involved). I had my first gym session today, I feel pretty good.

In renovation news…. the cabinet maker is booked in and our architect has found a builder … we will meet him on Wednesday. Riscy has done a heap of research on kitchen appliances so I think it is now just a matter of finding the right price. YAY!!
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