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I Should be out of my PJs and Ready for Work

So this will be a quick post

I started quilting the Big Dredger Quilt:

Dredger - Stitching start

The start of stitching

As I mentioned yesterday, I needed to take the step of setting up my sewing machine and doing some stitching, even outlining the truss shapes would get me started. It worked. While sewing away, which is a meditative activity even with a sewing machine, I could really turn my mind to my plans for stitching this piece.

My ideas started to become tangible. My stress abated a little, I am STARTED!!


Well the server let me down and I couldn’t post the blog this morning, so here is more for tonight.

A note from Fulvia got me thinking this morning, what is it about the dredger ‘that moved me in the first place’. So I wrote a reply to Fulvia and thought I’d share some of it with you:

I was out an about that day with a specific purpose. A mission to capture images of the power industry, I had wanted to include some imagery of cooling towers in some etching/collographs (which so far have not eventuated, but I think I will revisit).

I grew up in another place, on an island. It wasn’t until I left that place that I became aware of how my surroundings were a part of me. Everyday I saw the sea, it would give me clues about the weather, I would dream about what was over the horizon, and I could always tell which way was north, because that was where the sea was.

There were so many other things, I could go on all day.

I moved here, to the mainland. There was no familiarity. An alien landscape. It took me 4-5 years to even really acknowledge I was living here, to become involved in the community to start looking at my surroundings… and that is even with the fact that I travel all over the road network it this region for my job.

So I started thinking about the Latrobe Valley where I live, I was looking for some sort of icon. The power stations are obvious. I started noticing how often I could see a powerstation no matter where I was in the Valley. Cooling towers, smoke stacks… the shapes of the plumes of steam actually give me some clues to the weather like the ocean used to do. The colour/shadows on the cooling towers change depending on the light on the day.

What an exciting discovery. Here was that landscape anchor I needed.

So I was out that day looking for interesting and new views of powerstations, and powerstation related artefacts in the landscape. The dredger was my first stop, it sits beside the freeway, but I’d never stopped to look at it before.

Once I started taking photos, I got on a roll. The enormity of the dredger, the interesting trusses, the old signage even the rust and shadows. I became really interested in the nitty gritty of the dredger.

That was in October last year. The image I am using for the Dredger Quilt wasn’t touched again until I was desperately looking for something to use for the photo screenprinting workshop last month. But I new straight away that I wanted to make a quilt from it!


I’m joining the gym tonight, I want to lose a bit of girth and gain a lot of fitness.

Riscy was meant to come along but he has got a terrible cold, poor thing… just hope I don’t get it.

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