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I can get a little intense:

Portrait - Intense


LOOK at those EYEBROWS!!!! My sister would be proud! (She sports a well cultivated monobrow)

I took this photo because I want to draw myself for the EDM self portrait challenge… but I want to draw the image upside down to help my brain overcome some stereotypical face symbols that muck up the ability to draw (according the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain)

I may not succeed tonight though, I’ve had the best part (OK , lets admit it) all of, a bottle of wine {NZ Montana, Sauvignon Blanc} I can barely type, never mind draw. I can highly recommend the wine BTW.

I turn 29 tommorow, and I cannot help but dwell on the fact that I will be 30 next year. THIRTY…. The anxiety I felt when I turned 20 has nothing on this (NOTHING I tells ya). 30 is grown up, 30 is kids, 30.

And I haven’t traveled the world, I’ve never done anything physically amazing (see below), I never turned into and articulate intellectual, or even (I admit it) an amazing lover.

I am a competitive individual and I resent the success of others. I thought I would have overcome this sillyness by now. I thought I would have Zen and Serenity and all that shit. But no, I’m stil a cow, a resentful cow.

I just watched the ice skating gala performance from the olympics (recorded). I have to say it moved me to tears. The beauty and grace and especially the physicallity got to me and the tears flowed. I’m a sook and always have been, I’ve only recently managed to kerb the tendency at work… yes, I have cried at work many times and it is excruciatingly embarrassing.

Enough of this drunken rambling, I will take myself off to bed with the eyebrowzilla portrait and tommorow I will be sane again (either that, or too hung over to go to work).


PS… Riscy is still at work at 10:10pm. If he were here I would be much more sensible… maybe.
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