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Spinning and Knitting

I’ve been slack on the spinning and knitting front lately because I needed to spin up some more yarn for the jumper and had more fun things to do, like make a quilt. So tonight I finally plied up around 500m of yarn and it is having a bath.

Jumper - Start of Body

The beginning of the jumper… look at the beautiful hem

Riscy is competing in a triathalon this weekend so I suspect I’ll get a fair bit of knitting done at the event.

I have been in a bit of a knot regarding how to to quilt the big dredger quilt. I do have ideas, but they are not fully formed so I don’t want to start in willy nilly.

Fulvia suggested I step back from it for a few days, and not put myself under pressure about it. And I think she is right.

I will, however do some work away from the quilt because I have an idea to use text related to or written by John Monash (who was a big force in the state electricity commission, which has now been privatised).

I realised last night that this quilt has some passing similarities to a bag I made last year and traded with Sophie:

Sophie's bag Side 2


Interesting. Continue reading

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