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Big Dredger Quilt – A Major Step Forward

Dredger - Prefusing

This was a bit like untangling spagetti, it took me many hours down on my knees to sort it out.

Dredger - Fused

YAY, the top is fused. Though my knees are sore from crawling around on the floor for the better part of the day.

I’m just glad it is fused. It will not be square, there is no doubt about it, but I am sticking to my original principle of keeping things simple. Spending days tweaking the layout would be too disheartening, best to move on.

Riscy and I had lunch at the Latrobe Regional Gallery today. I wanted to see the exhibition of indonesion textiles (to be blogged about later) and pick out my present from the gift shop for my upcoming birthday 🙂

I nearly chose an exquisite porcelain bud vase, and almost convinced myself to ask Riscy to buy me a beautiful teapot and teacup set (a bit too much to spend though), but decided on a charming necklace and bracelet set made of colourful dried beans. Not expensive, but totally something I will love to wear.

Birthday Jewellery

Riscy bought these for my birthday 🙂 I love picking out my own present!

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