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Black and White

Moondarah Fire - Charcoal Tree

Burnt tree trunk.

This tree was burnt during our recent bushfire. It is far from dead though, and will sprout all the way up the trunk. Riscy and I will go back up there in a few weeks to record the progress of regeneration.

I’m cutting out the design for my quilt right now. I get a little RSI in my right arm from this… which balances out the RSI I get in my left arm from typing and knitting. Not bad, just a niggle. Ahh me aches and pains… I do turn 29 next week you know LOL.

Riscy and I are on a roll with movies, we are going to see Brokeback Mountain tonight after we go out for Thai for dinner Yum!
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The Fabric

I’m done with the dyeing, now the quilt can start. You would not believe how happy this makes me. I was starting to feel the project slipping away and I really want to see this one to completion.

Dredger - Fabric Combo

A cool combination. The pale fabric is a lovely white/pale brown.

The photo has gone a bit ‘zingy’ on my screen. If you are having the same problem, just click on the image and a larger (non zingy) version will open.

I think the reason for my problem getting darks is that I am having trouble adjusting to dyeing these much larger pieces of fabric. I’m not very scientific about it and I pay the price with unpredictable results.

I’ve been talking about it for at least 6 months and have now finally decided to apply to join ARC Yinnar. I suppose my hesitation has been related to my reluctance to gain the identity of artist (try-hard artist)in this community. I’m a bit embarrased about it, when asked, I sort of mumble about playing with textiles and creating stuff with my hands.

But since my kitchen will soon be renovated and I will no longer be able to dye at home, I need access to a wet workshop and ARC seems like a good option.

I wanted to share a few links I came across today.

Woolgathering – website of Elizabeth Perry, she is working on the most wonderful jounals.

Alspix – how to make a pinhole camera. Now I really want to make one… but this quilt first…

And a great story about a civil engineer who resurrected creativity in her life… I like this because it reflects my experience in a lot of ways. It is worth browsing around that site for other interesting storys and essays. Continue reading

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