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More dyeing – will I ever get this quilt started?

Another day another banner. The background image is taken from some dye play I did tonight. When I was processing the photo below I realised the lino print section (spectacularly unsuccessful) would make a great background for a banner.

The banner image was taken from the section on the bottom right.

Dye Play - Crop 1

Mucking around with some dye and thickener (which was too thin!) This is part of a larger piece of fabric.

Dye Play - Crop 2

This is my favourite cropped part of the photo and maybe used for a quilt at some stage. The square grids were created when running my dye soaked sponge roller over the fabric with an upturned ice tray underneath.

Tommorow I have to travel to Melboune for a meeting all day then I have a gallery committee meeting that night. So the question is… will I find time to create something tommorow? A drawing perhaps?

I know I’ll be up late rinsing fabric when I finally get home, perhaps that’s enough.

I was commenting to my sister on the phone tonight that Riscy and I spent many years living here with no involvement in the community, virtually no friends and a hell of a lot of time on our hands. I decided to become a little bit involved (gallery, spinners and handweaver, touch footy etc) and now I seem to have too much on. It’s a fine balancing act. But better than before. Continue reading

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