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Finishing the Day with a Flourish

Thank you to those who commented and emailed me regarding the death of my friend.

I thought I would share another photo of the aftermath of the Moondarah Bush Fire with you. You can make out the burnt hill through the trees. This photo was taken facing south east towards Yallourn North (I think) most of the affect area was behind us.

Moonarah Fire

A shot of hills burnt during the recent fire in Moondarah State Forest.

This weekend Riscy upgraded my computer to make it faster. We are a household of many PCs and we are in a constant state of upgrading and swapping bits between computers…. when I say ‘we’, I mean Riscy.

The fact is that I wouldn’t even have a computer if we didn’t live together. I am grateful though, because I can now hang out with people who share the same passions as myself, and more importantly, the internet has given me access to those who constantly provide me with inspiration and know-how to create things I would never have dreamt of otherwise.

I dyed about 10m of fabric tonight. Hopefully some of the pieces will be good enough for the Dredger Quilt. I am itching to get everything cut out and fused so I can start quilting. I may delay if I think the background piece needs some printed texture. All will be revealed after the rinse tommorow. Continue reading

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