Daily Archives: February 15, 2006

Clean Clean Clean

It feels sort of boring posting a pencil only drawing, no colour. But I don’t want to paint in this journal.

EDM - Someone I Love

EDM #54 – Someone I Love Chris watching Alpine Skiing on telly.

This actually LOOKS like Chris (AKA Riscy). The drawing practice must be working (lets not mention the hair and ear).

We were meant to have friends over for sushi tonight, but we moved it to tommorow night. So I spent most of the evening tidying my workroom. I’m sure I spend more time tidying than working there and it always looks like a pigsty (except at the moment).

Tonight I realised that I cannot put off dyeing any longer… well it will have to wait ’til Sunday. But you get the drift. I pulled out all my ‘stash’, which is very tiny, and I realised that the magenta idea sucked really badly and I’m glad I didn’t jump into it like I normally do. Continue reading

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