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Draw a Mouth

Everyday Matters – Draw a mouth:

EDM Mouth

No one said the colours had to be realistic… where’s the fun in that? LOL

I had lots of dodgy attempts at this topic. I won’t be showing my duds as suggested by some brave people in the group. Mouths are HARD to get right.

I got some books out of the library yesterday, one is devoted soley to rating different brands/colours for watercolour.

I currently use a VERY dodgy $12 for 15 colours set of watercolour tubes, and I have three Cotmans (second string) Windsor and Newton colours (I’ve checked out the yellow and now know it will fade very badly).

I like being free and easy with my colour, I mix and muddy with abandon, use colour straight from the tube into a ice cube tray with a bit of water, and most of it goes down the drain at the end of the night.

But I’ve now done at least one piece that I would like to keep. This is no longer a ‘paint and chuck’ exercise.

Is it time to invest in some expensive colours?

Does anyone know of an Australian mail order art supply place with a website?

The to do list was working last week, so I’m doing one again for tonight, I’m not going to restrict myselft to art stuff though:

To Do Tonight
Tidy the front part of the house (guests for dinner tommorow)
Touch Footy (like I’d forget LOL)
Start sorting out possible colours for the BIG QUILT.

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