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Up to my ears

After the Fire

3500 Hectares of burnt bush.

Yesterday Riscy and I took a drive to look at the aftermath of the Moondara State Forest Bushfire, we were driving through a web of bush tracks which we had accessed off the main road and were deep into the forest before we came across some Country Fire Authority vehicles and they told us we weren’t meant to be there because they were doing some exercises (or something).

So we headed south off the mountain towards Moe (which took about 30 minutes), it wasn’t until we got right to the end our jouney that we saw our first Road Closed sign. Great communication guys!!

I was most struck by the wonderful colours the black of the burnt trunks and the red/orange of the scorched leaves made for a wierd autumnal landscape. On distant hills it was a mosaic of black, red, orange and green.

On Saturday I did some drawing and watercolours, the current topic for EDM is Draw a Mouth. Who would have thought they would be so HARD. I’m persisting though and will post my best one in the next couple of days.

I also drew this:

Drawing - Tubes

This paper was already painted a grey blue, so it was hard to get sufficient contrast for the white tubes of paint. I think I managed to achived a sense of three dimensionality though.

I am up to my ears on fusible web at the moment. Progress is happening on the big dredger quilt Yay! I am marking all the fusible web (paper) prior to fusing

I convinced myself that I could use the overabundance of magenta fabric in my meagre stash as the dark fabric, but I’m unconvincing myself of that at the moment. I was just trying to avoid dyeing.

In addition, the spinning for the big jumper project is underway, but I still have half a bobbin to go before I ply… so no knitting is happening. I should have spun all the wool before I started knitting, I know, I know.

And finally, the Winter Olymics have my attention, I even got a good dose of figure skating last night which is bliss. Continue reading

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