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photo screen print of the dredger: veiw of the underside

Dredger - Screen Print

I screen printed this image of the Dredger mainly to see just how much detail I could get using the photo screen print method, I was very impressed!

You are SO going to be sick of the damned dredger by the time I’m finished with this LOL. If you want to see the thing in real life check out this link
This particular dredger is retired and sits beside the freeway as a reminder of the three large open cut coal mines and brown coal fired power stations located in the Latrobe Valley.

The To Do list has worked:

I have also washed a heap of fabric ready for dyeing. I’m going to invest a bit more time planning before dyeing though because I wont be able to resist starting if I have the fabric ready. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll have one background fabric (pale green?) and the dark areas will be full of detail. I want to enhance the strong lines, but I don’t want everything running longitudinally up each ‘truss’.

To Do Tuesday
Spend at least 1 hour on detailed design
Find a mail order source of Vleisofix (WunderUnder)
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I just deleted a screed of crap which consisted of me venting frustration with my creative output in a fairly negative way. You don’t need to read it and I don’t need it recorded here forever. So, this is my second, slightly more positive, attempt.

I have some creative issues to work through. I need to pose a challenge for myself, with a deadline to force myself complete a project. You may not have noticed, but I have been starting a lot of ‘art’ but unless it can be finished in one sitting, I’m not finishing. This works great for dinky little sketches and watercolours, but my ‘thing’ is textiles, embroidery… unless I’m working small I can’t finish anything in one day. (and I want to work bigger than postcard sized).

Now this is becoming a real pain in the arse, because I have a bigger project on my mind, one that will require dyeing fabric special, one which will require the purchase of materials, one which needs way more development before I have a concept I can use.

I’m sick of fucking around. I NEED to work on something meaty. However, I’m like a possum in the headlights, frozen at the enormity of failure roaring towards me. I need to get my little legs pumping or my idea will be squashed good and proper.

So (and here is the positive bit), I’m going to have a daily ‘to do’ list for this piece. To Do lists are my daily saviour at work and perhaps they can work for this art stuff too. The trick is not to put too much stuff on the list, and recreate it daily, or even twice a day.

Tape all the pages together for the enlarged design
Scour some fabric ready for dyeing.
Start working on detailed design elements

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