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Getting ready for a screen printing workshop

I’m doing a photo screen printing workshop tommorow at the Latrobe Regional Gallery. I’m not entirely sure what sort of images are suitable, so I’ve been playing around with some photos to get some major contrast happening:


This image has been maniplated in photoshop. It is from part of a photo I took of a coal dredger.

This is my favourite one and I’m a bit inspired to adapt it for a quilt.

I also did a series of three Kaleidoscope manipulations of an etching I did before Christmas:

Kaleidoscope Daisy Leaves

I have prepared 3 Kaleidoscope from one of the etchings I did recently. They look quite good together and I hope they are suitable to use for Photo screen printing.

Pretty cool huh?

I have also been knitting the JUMPER!!! I am knitting it in the round, and currently have about 10cm of the body completed. This includes the substantial hem which took me many nights to knit up… but it’s very neat, so it was worth it.

I have almost finished the first ball of yarn and need to spin more before I can continue. Perhaps I should have waited ’til I’d spun all the wool, but I couldn’t wait to start knitting.

I am revisiting my first year of Uni when Carol and I were too poor to get our hair cut at a hairdresser, so Carol bought a pair of hair cutting scissors and we cut each others hair. We weren’t too bad at it either as I remember someone else asking me to cut their hair too (Her name was Eva, she had really long hair and wanted the back to be V shaped!!!).

Today we bought some clippers and I gave Riscy a No.2 crew cut. It actually looks pretty good even with the slightly dodgy work around the ears. I’ll get better. He seems happy. I’ve known Riscy for nearly 9 years and this is the first time I’ve seen him with REALLY short hair. Continue reading

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