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Ohhhh Long Weekend!!


A portrait of our little family at Waratah Bay, Wilsons Promontary is in the background

On Sunday it was HOT, (our car thermometer told us it was 43C which is 109.4F) so Riscy and I decided to escape our un-airconditioned house and the smokey Latrobe Valley (bushfires still raging nearby) to the beautiful Wilsons Promontary area. We took our dog Reuben so we couldn’t go to the National Park, but Waratah Bay more than satisfied our need to cool off :-). As you can see from the above pic it was a great place for a swim.

We are hoping to find a good camping spot there tommorow so we can escape the extreme temperatures again predicted for the coming days. Tommorow is Australia Day and we are taking Friday off work to create a 4 day long weekend for ourselves 🙂

Tonight, I spent AGES browsing through the website of Roz Stendahl. I had visited her site before but today I took the time to really take in her journals. Her dog drawings are WONDERFUL.

I was inspired to pre-paint some paper after seeing some of her journal pages. I failed to be subtle in a lot of cases, and I imagine that some of the pages may be cut up and collaged rather than drawn on because the colour is too saturated. I really don’t know where this will take me… but I’ve had a fun couple of hours splashing paint around anyway!

On knitting and spinning news:
I am about to embark on the EPIC JUMPER. My first. I will be spinning the yarn as I go because I can’t wait to start. I have plyed 255m of approximately 8ply weight yarn so far, my swatch tells me that it knits up to 6st/inch on 4mm needles. So I can proceed with the calculations required to make the Seamless Yoke Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book, Knitting without Tears. Wish me luck!! 🙂

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