Daily Archives: January 22, 2006

Extreme Weather

We have it all: the air is thick with smoke from bushfires which have burnt out 3500 hectares in the Moondarra State Park to the north of here. It is going to be over 40 deg C (104F) again here today so I don’t think there will be an improvement. We do not have air conditioning so we may head down to the beach for some relief.

But to top it all off, we had a deluge on Friday night which flooded the street and our back yard and had Riscy and lots of other home owners out doing emergency gutter cleaning in the pouring rain. The house did leak a bit, but we’ve had worse.

This week I was going to blog everyday but procrastinated and now I have all this to talk about in one post:

I finished layer one of this quilt:

Charcoal Forest - Layer 1 complete

The ‘trees’ are cut out. Don’t know where to go from here.

I unravelled the mystery of cables:

I learnt how to use hand carders, this site helped immensely:

My spinning is going a lot faster compared to using my flick carder and I think I’m getting thicker, more even yarn.

I bought these carders on ebay. They came with a spinning wheel for $56!! I’ll blog seperately about that later. The wheel needs some work and I intend to spruce it up by painting it in bright colours 🙂

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